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2024-2025 Academic Catalog 
2024-2025 Academic Catalog

IT Specialist, STC

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The IT Specialist short-term certificate program develops skills in database management and reporting as well as foundations  of computer programming. Students will work with industry-recognized databases (such as Oracle) and related tools for pulling data (SQL). Students will also develop skills with object-oriented programming languages that will enable them to create both windows- and web-based solutions for end-users.

Career Outlook

Increased financial regulations, privacy rules and security guidelines are causing more companies to handle data analysis and processing within national markets. But with the high cost of information technology service in larger urban areas, provider companies are being drawn to less populated locales, prompting the demand for highly-trained employees living in these areas. The market is eager for a local option in the IT outsourcing sector for data report writing, electronic forms development and applications development.

Program Learning Outcomes

Learners will be able to:

  1. Use the applications found in the Microsoft Office suite and apply them in a business setting.
  2. Develop data analysis and project management skills and be able to apply them in a business setting.
  3. Utilize structured programming concepts to develop applications using programming languages such as VBA, VB, and C#, to meet end user requirements.
  4. Identify basic networking infrastructure components and list items that comprise a secure network.
  5. Set up a basic webpage with HTMUCSS technology.
  6. Utilize a Relational Database Management System and be able to query data from various databases (Access, Oracle, SQL).
  7. Present database data in a user friendly format using reporting and dashboarding tools.
  8. Develop communication skills for both technician-to-end user interactions.

Admission Requirements for the Program:

  • Basic computer application literacy. Be able to pass 4-part diagnostic exam on Concepts of Information and Communication Technology, Using the Computer and Managing Files, Databases/ Access and Spreadsheets/Excel.
  • ACCUPLACER testing. Complete any developmental courses needed.
  • Course placement Algebra score at the MTH 080  level or successful completion of MTH 080 .
  • GPA 2.0 or higher.

Total Credits: 10

Total Credits: 12

Total Program Hours 22

+ Refers to technical course work. Students must maintain a minimum grade of “C” in these courses to progress in the program and graduate.

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