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2024-2025 Academic Catalog 
2024-2025 Academic Catalog

Associate of Technical Studies, ATS

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You’ve spent your life learning. Now earn credit for it at NSCC!

The Associate of Individualized Study (AIS) and Associate of Technical Studies are appropriate degrees for those students who may have earned credit hours or life experiences that are credit earned such as:

  • Workforce or Military Experience
  • Professional Licenses and Certification
  • Prior Educational Experience/Credits

These degrees combine the existing educational disciplines at the college with a student’s educational history, college credits, and experience to create an area of concentration that best serves the need of the student, especially In connection with career or job objectives.

NSCC advisors will work to combine these credits with EGCC classes to create an individualized degree.

For more information on how to get started at NSCC, contact the Admissions Office at 419.267.1320 or admissions@NorthwestState.edu.

The Associate of Technical Studies Degree program provides the student an opportunity to develop a tailor-made program of instruction which may include already learned skills, life experiences, and course credits from appropriate trade schools, colleges, and universities. Such program needs may not necessarily fit into traditional program offerings.

Admission Requirements

Admission requirements will adhere to the full requirements of the College. Upon application, the student will be advised and counseled in a program which matches the student’s interest and aptitude in so far as possible. High school records, equivalency exams, and Course Placement Test scores will be evaluated. Students may apply for the ATS program by presenting their intent to the appropriate Division Dean or Department Chair, who will assist them in planning an individualized program of study. The program may be denied if:

  1. Standards are not comparable to other technologies offered at Northwest State Community College.
  2. The proposed ATS program duplicates an existing technology offered at Northwest State Community College. For cases in which the College does not offer technical courses needed to fulfill the degree requirements, cooperative arrangements may be entered into with approved public and private colleges, as well as accredited correspondence schools, vocational centers, and schools conducted by business and industry. Transfer credits, credits by examination, or credit by any other acceptable method in current use at NSCC may be granted.

Graduation Requirements

Graduation requirements for the ATS program will adhere to the same requirements of any technical program at NSCC.

  1. Minimum of 60 semester credit hours of coursework, total credits may not exceed 65 credit hours. The course of study must have approval from the Division Dean, Vice President for Academics, and placed on file in the Registrars’Office.
  2. At least five courses in NSCC General Education Core Courses:
    • Composition I Min Credits: 3
    • Humanities Elective Min Credits: 3
    • Math and Data Analysis Elective Min Credits: 3
    • Science Elective Min Credits: 3
    • Social Behavioral Science Min Credits: 3
  3. Minimum of twelve credit hours in general education/non-technical courses.
  4. Minimum of 30 credit hours in technical studies of which 15 are to be concentrated in a single discipline. (This is the area of study where ATS students will have the greatest input to define their occupational goals.)
  5. Minimum of 2.00 grade point average overall.
  6. Portfolio coursework may not exceed 24 percent of the total credit hours.
  7. A minimum of 30 percent of coursework must be completed at NSCC.

Students wishing to pursue an Associate of Technical Studies (ATS) degree must have their ATS degree program approved by an Academic Dean, Academic Vice-President, and placed on file in the Registrars’ Office prior to completing 15 credit hours

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